Pynat Corporation India Pvt Ltd
"Complete and Integrated Solution!"

A key differentiator among manufacturers, is how value-added their processing has evolved to meet today's cutting-edge technology. Most of today's manufacturing requires some level of automation of the assembly floor, most of which is unique to the product lines being produced. As a result, we make our own tools and fixtures on the line to drive productivity, meet performance specifications and provide consistency in our quality metrics. Our manufacturing services benefit from inventory management expertise and volume procurement capabilities, which contribute to cost reductions and reduce total cycle time.

Our Products

(Plastics Moulding, Sub-Assembly and Finishing of all types of materials)


Quality Policy

" We are committed to achieve customer satisfaction through: Continual improvement in Quality, Service and Timely Deliveries to exceed customer expectations. Planned and efficient utilization of Technology, Human, Material Resources. Devotion, Involvement, Dedication and Co-operation of all people at every stage. Training to employees to improve their Skills and Knowledge."